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Chinese gift is sung noisy " the times after the Olympic Games "
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On August 24, the Beijing Olympic Games that attract worldwide attention rings down the curtain satisfactorily, be like tide reputably. Current Olympic Games opens closure with highlighting of long standing and well established China the history is mixed alone the superb performance of attractive China civilization, bring the whole world the audience with intense shock. Evaluation of Luo Ge of chairman of international Olympic committee says, beijing Olympic Games is very successful, unapproachable. The Olympic Games is held in the success of Beijing is to let compatriots 2008 undoubtedly most hard dismiss from one's mind and most the grand occasion that take great pride.
After the Olympic Games rings down the curtain, social all circles is concessionary to Beijing Olympic Games commodity, collect article, and the Chinese characteristic commodity that Olympic Games opening ceremony drives and traditional culture kind the enthusiasm of the sporting goods that each gift, wonderful match drives and dress is added continuously lukewarm, relevant gift also continues to have one's moment " the times after the Olympic Games " . "In the Olympic Games drive, domestic gift purchases upsurge to come earlier than in former years this year, will raise a height before the Spring Festival, exhibit the Shenzhen gift that in October the last ten-day of a month holds as it happens to purchase gold season at gift. Current exhibit meeting item on display to will reflect strong Olympic Games wind, in order to cater to the market to the Olympic Games the ardent demand of relevant gift. " Chinese gift the first exhibit sponsor square----Jiang Chengwen of president of Li Zhanhua rich is right a few days ago the gift market after the Olympic Games expresses hopeful.
On Olympic Games opening ceremony, a tremendous reel slowly spread out, develop culture of an ancient name for China to common people momently, the person that let every watch remain fresh in one's memory, let global Chinese times feeling is proud, let foreigner exclaim shock. Below the influence of originality of element of opening ceremony China, gift of reel painting and calligraphy, the four treasures of the study, silk, silk by, the product such as pottery and porcelain gets of personage of China and foreign countries chase after hold in both hands.
"China old name " Dou Jinsheng silk, be known as " Chinese art treasure " actor needs drive of heart Qi Xiandiao, Nanjing of bright and beautiful hall " China a special skill " Yun Jin, have the honor to win pottery and porcelain the Jing Detao of 100 beautiful award, of Hangzhou the Silk Road " grandchildren strategics " silk book, always state guest pottery and porcelain of Feng Yuan, and the product such as the cubic metre of coloured glaze water that with China Gu Faliu Li makes by Nature's engineering lane, bird's nest, it is the product that market heat sells, only coloured glaze bird's nest already work off hundred thousands of.
The Olympic Games is right of gift market promote be many sided, the Jing that Olympic Games gold sets jade medal is colourful come on stage prices of product of your gold, jade rises greatly, the Olympic Games Tibet of Yuan Longya graph, Jinboyuan is tasted, Yu Songyuan's Olympic Games is concessionary gift " oneiromancy crock " jade article, the businessman such as golden act the role ofing takes the style of golden dragon gem Olympic Games express, times suffer the market to chase after hold in both hands. Besides, the upsurge of fitness of the whole people that the Olympic Games lifts is to make sporting goods sales volume hot more, the whole world one of business of brand of 10 big campaign Austrian Fischer net feather product, still have wushu, fencing kind wait for gymnastical product to favor by Chinese consumer.
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