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7 " calabash brother " ligneous toy appears on the market formally sale
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Calabash brother " the Shanghai that grab a beach " puppet sibling " have one's moment CCTV
Recently, zhejiang and letter are ligneous toy limited company holds a press conference in Shanghai, announce 7 " calabash brother " ligneous toy appears on the market formally sale. Many 300 toy that the company brings, half hours are moved to overflow a toy to have a fever by Shanghai friend is grabbed and empty.
"From negotiate with Shanghai art film studio collaboration, to wooden apply the brake free toy comes out, have the time of 2 months only merely. " with letter company general manager He Bin says gladly.
This year in May, zhou Jun of assistant factory director of studio of Shanghai beautiful movie inspects the cloud and ligneous toy city on invitation, bilateral chime in easily, the film that will filming " calabash brother " accredit of cartoon form product plays enterprise and letter company development to Yun Hemu. "Elegant wood can sing! " the cloud and ligneous toy person play infuse culture element to making trend to wood, and " literate " wood appreciates value times litres, have his moment in succession the market more let them exclamation: The cloud and toy found a new development way.
Have the aid of plays in the cloud and wood " calabash brother " the film appears in Shanghai while, a pair " puppet sibling " also CCTV of have the aid of has his moment. These days, want you only everyday 19 when open CCTV 29 minutes or so little channel, can see " puppet sibling " introducing item of Olympic Games match. This is called " the Olympic Games is small stick person " commonweal advertisement, it is Youyun and county and CCTV " animation dream factory " collaboration films, divide 30 collect to introduce item of contest of 28 Olympic Games.
While the program broadcasts, CCTV already will " puppet sibling " intellectual property gives the cloud and prefectural toy association, and by toy association to national patent application, registered trade mark. Current, the cloud and toy company already finished 20 " puppet sibling " development, condition of a pair of foolish but of Ju " puppet sibling " the footstep that accompanying Beijing Olympic Games, walk into an innumberable families.
The cloud borrows culture face about to change with what wood plays an industry model, local Party committee, government had dominant effect. The cloud and county are toy industry fixed position culture industry explicitly not only, will saving the policy that took the lead in coming on stage to give aid to culture originality industry grows completely in June this year, arrange 5 years give aid to special fund will achieve 5 million yuan.
In the guiding of policy drive falls, more and more cloud and wood play an enterprise to begin " the road of culture " . Zhejiang wave humble teachs toy company to just came to an agreement with institute of Ministry of Education recently, cooperative development develops product of ligneous education toy. Cartoon " dragon of power of Japanese red pine " will show in home May hind, the cloud and scene Cheng handicraft the factory makes company of film-making of times of unit Hangzhou Gu Jin contact with film instantly, joint development is relevant and outspread product.
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