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Mood of intelligence of leather skin ursine research and development changes a t
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Walk into skin of Shenzhen city skin to rebuke toy limited company is located in the office of boreal annulus highway, an interesting intelligent toy attracted our eyeball: Brushy toy can carry Tang poetry on the back, can teach English, sing again when amuse oneself laugh again, dozen was fond of it to meet wow wow cry greatly, pay no attention to its meeting get into a huff, lay down want to sleep, bend over on the ground it protests " nose squash " . Say of day of company president Hu La, depend on just about " modular apery mood " this one high-tech " unique skill " , leather skin bear just can be in Shenzhen show itself in company of many 1200 toy, make the model that industry of our country toy innovates independently.
Be in Shenzhen, many 1200 toy produces a business, but regretful is, treatment company of so much, 5 years ago, own own brand without actually. What everybody earns is the treatment cost that money of a few wool is a few minutes of money even merely. See this one current situation just about, found to rebuke at the leather skin 2003, was on own innovation at the beginning, found the road of ethical brand, but this Lubingbu is even. "The road of innovation won't be plain sailing. Innovate, want to one dare offend the mind that dare enter not only, more should one kind is immersed oneself in hardworking, do not be afraid that failure, gritty pliable but strong is strong. " this is Shenzhen skin skin a word that when Hu La day mentions innovation to experience to the reporter, president of ursine toy limited company says.
Have the small company of the eye none in Shenzhen this at that time, spend a few years of time, have gone through 1000 difficult 10 thousand danger, created the first mood to digitlize intelligent toy eventually " leather skin is ursine " . Enrol by this a special skill, leather skin bear is in China show itself in company of thousands of toy, the attention that caused manufacturer of toy of much home of home and world and fix eyes upon, the product sells as far as to and other places of Russia, Germany, Canada, United States.
But the rise that waits as raw material price, labour cost, exit drawback is reduced, and the abidance of the RMB appreciates, current, shenzhen toy company also is facing management dilemma. And the technical camp that sets artificially on the international market, more let product of Shenzhen toy company export one disaster after another. Hu La day tells a reporter, since this year, the price that company product exports should compare the past any a year tall, order is morer than in former years also, but because raw material goes up too quickly and suffer a RMB to appreciate ceaselessly, the influence such as labour cost grow in quantity, the profit margin of the company dropped instead. "Cost rises to already became the bottleneck that restricts development of Shenzhen toy company considerably, " Hu La day says.
Face environment of austere international, home market, how should Shenzhen toy company is opposite? The answer of Hu La day is: The difficult when be being overcome in all hand in hand with the government, cross difficulty in all, rely on innovation to enter give a world!
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