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With letter toy " had compared " brand wins Chinese celebrated trade mark
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Recently, zhejiang and believe limited company " had compared " brand wins Chinese celebrated trade mark, fill domestic ligneous toy does not have a country the blank of well-known logo. This is " had compared " since beginning 2003 oneself, inside 5 years of short time, realized famous label of beautiful water city, Zhejiang to save famous label, China 3 times of well-known logo to span greatly.
Had compared hold company half of country
With the letter the company begins from 2004, turn to own research and development with respect to will major energy, ending the cloud and ligneous toy is the history of the production that stick a card entirely. Comparing good children toy is with the letter company wood plays subordinate of old and well-known family one of product of 5 old series. This series shares 10 kinds big: Include preschool education kind, the part is acted kind, building blocks kind, traffic kind, dilatory kind, spell a plan kind, a string of beads kind, the tool is combined kind, music is felt kind, other kind, add up to 300 many sheet are tasted, and product line still is developing complement ceaselessly in the center. This brand series basically is to be aimed at 0 ~ 6 years old children, be this age understands in development paragraph children grows the development period feeling, view, product that touchs the development on the foundation that waits for each respect need to come out. Product diversity of colourful, design, material is excellent, it is the company sells best range of products at present, appear on the market 3 years or so, already obtained the market to be approbated adequately.
Hong Kong toy extends display one's talent for the first time
The brand is the asset with intangible brushstroke, compete in quality unusually intense today, the honor of Chinese well-known logo became a piece of ace with the letter undoubtedly. This year Hong Kong toy is exhibited on, many 600 " had compared " the favour that series toy gains customer, many agency are rushing directly " had compared " and come, brushstroke pen order followings sb's heels and come, include country and the area such as Singapore, Korea, India among them, "Had compared " became exhibit one of window of the meeting.
Exhibit from this year meeting sale status looks, although differ,the product of country and area sell like hot cakes differs somewhat, but traditional building blocks kind product sale is most ideal.
Own brand marchs international market
Brand start shooting, the market is opened subsequently. Now, "Had compared " series toy product spreads all over countrywide each district, 62 " wood enjoys old and well-known family " branch distributinging whole nation, "Had compared " card set toy, occupied wood to play the 50 % above of sale of old and well-known family, among them of 70% comparing good toy achieve a sale in home. "Had compared " the person above average that has made Chinese ligneous toy, it is certain to have in toy industry famous degree.
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