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Sea interest group: Sale of network of toy have the aid of overturns traditional
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Group of Zhejiang sea interest leans " Haimingke " the sale record; that the toy achieved 110 million dollar last year before this year 5 months, continue to increase by degrees with the speed of 30% in the sale of American market. In toy industry puissant prop up below, this civilian battalion enterprise that 35 thousand yuan of build up relies on 17 years ago, implemented profit tax last year 350 million yuan, ascend body fine the manufacturing industry that start city the 4th. Those who accomplish this one myth is the sale pattern that this company has creativity alone: Every brushy toy had a code, can lead to infinite network, over you are OK appreciate another kind of game.
International market: Change traditional toy play mode
The company begins to produce plush toy from 1993, the product sells market of past United States entirely. Intense competition makes the profit of the toy less and less, arrived even " without benefit " times, a lot of people persuade " sea benefit " breakfast puts out toy factory, but " sea benefit " did not abandon, because " sea benefit " believe, the place that has the child has a toy with respect to regular meeting, the toy is a trade that won't eliminate forever, the key is to see us how to go searching cut a point newly. 2004, a delegate of famous toy gift company is in come when sea salt is purchased, both sides decides through developing game the website sells a toy, be in charge of developing group of interest of website, sea to be in charge of developing toy product by American company. The website is formal 2006 after operation, "Hai Mingke " instantly popular beautiful, add an area. This " face about " , let Zhejiang sea benefit accused a group president square light to have the understanding of deeper administrative levels again to innovating: "Do the person of the enterprise, must see oneself were changed with the ability that cannot alter, be brave in to choose to enter and be retreated. The innovation of the enterprise cannot constrained at technical difficulty capture, originality just is the soul of innovation. Originality just is the soul of innovation..
Consumer is bought " Haimingke " after the toy, can go up in the net the animal that adopt is the same as the age with him photograph, the code that carries through its is entered respectively children, teenager, youth, medium old age grows 4 times channel, for different age paragraph the crowd provides the excellent service that provides specific aim extremely, let partner one of giving birth to. After children buys a toy, the password that goes up by card can enter to be in North America area at present very popular teenager children website of beneficial wisdom game, go up in the net the animal that adopt is the same as the age with him photograph, live in fictitious world by child of this animal delegate, hand in friendly, study, travel, enter all sorts of races, extended intellectual range of the child, develop the ability that its live independently.
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