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Xi Mi inferior educational science and technology first donation toy total value
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On May 12 14 when 28 minutes, sichuan saves county of plain of short of Wenshui River to produce 7.8 class earthquake. The earthquake caused massive harm to disaster area people, calamity shakes and affecting the soul of every Chinese. Xi Mi inferior the sole partner that teachs limited company of science and technology to be in China as happy high education, besides organizing company staff actively to be disaster area contribution, considering us what to still can do all the time, what should still do?
A large number of schools that notice disaster area of this Sichuan earthquake are played havoc with, the student gets serious casualties. The children that survive in the earthquake besides go up in the body, more serious is got on the heart huge is harmed, need gets our help, for this Xi Mi inferior educational science and technology answers sina actively to kiss child the appeal of channel, participate in " for child of disaster area mother contributory " come in the activity, make decision spread quickly personal strong point, take the lead in contributing bade to be worth 50 thousand yuan happy tall brand to play realia, the heart after the hope is used at placatory calamity gets traumatic children and 5 rebuild the science and technology of the school teachs material, the education of science and technology after also be willing to rebuild to disaster area school at the same time provides main help.

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