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Toy of settleclear sea of brand of start shooting area holds a group in the arms
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Sale in domestic market of settleclear sea toy only 30% , and export is as high as 70% however. Accordingly, the occurrence of collective brand, will conduce to the force that strengthens product of this area toy

Suffer incident of disturbance of American sub debt, beautiful peaceful, RMB to appreciate, raw material rises in price wait for an influence, product urgent need promotes the Guangdong settleclear sea of 70% exit international famous spend and beautiful praise degree. In March, settleclear sea toy amasses industrial dominant position, register collective trademark, the toy fair with annual in former years also instead is annual 3, and build reveal a center openly all the year round -- ,

Be specific target in order to make area brand " collective brand explain note " , by course of study inside when regard settleclear sea toy as generally course of study " save oneself " .

On March 17, publicize a know from settleclear sea municipal Party committee, on the fair of toy of international of settleclear sea of the 10th China that shortly will hold, settleclear sea toy will serve as a collective concept, be pushed to the market. And the application that the staff member of industrial and commercial bureau also affirmed brand of collective of settleclear sea toy to the reporter refers settleclear sea area of Shan head city.

Actually, applying for to have not get the circumstance of give an official falls, settleclear sea still insists to measure ground begins pair of extrapolate of pair of collective brands to upright, make this " collective brand explain note " integrated strategy is conveyed more clearly, namely the position of toy of establish settleclear sea, make brand of region of settleclear sea area.

Since last year, include contract law of incident of disturbance of American sub debt, beautiful peaceful, labor to come on stage, the RMB appreciates, a series of incident that raw material rises in price inside, make the comment that settleclear sea toy adjusts this. The expert points out, although settleclear sea is the production of domestic toy gift and exit base, and city of Chinese toy gift, but because technical content is low, lack own brand, bring about toy company to lack enough risk to resist when participating in international to compete directly ability. "Here the situation falls, once collective brand appears, will enhance product of this area toy to be in the consequence of home, international. " this personage says.
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