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Notice the toy gives the child the risk that create
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A lot of parents can buy beloved toy to regard a festival as the gift to the child, but you must note safe problem when choosing a toy. Before before long, a toy of magnetic building blocks that the name is Magnetix produces accident many cases in the United States, because children is swallowed by accident,be small bead bring about alvine path twist even block and dead, some children need to take out magnetism bead through the operation. The business of toy of manufacturing business Canada of this toy MegaBlok gave orders a few days ago the toy that recall imports 3.8 million times from China, model includes X-tremeCombo, Micro and Extreme. As we have learned, toy of this kind of magnetic building blocks and its mimic all have a sale in market of our country toy, magnetic building blocks is one of a certain number of toys only, it brings the new revelation of toy safety problem to parents.

Introduce according to personage of guild of Tianjin city toy, the toy security that our country will produce henceforth should have more assured. Not long ago, the country adopts inspect appoint give out announcement to say, will rise on June 1 from next year, the country will include the toy mandatory 3C attestation category, will rise on March 1 from this year, each toy produces an enterprise to be able to put forward product certification to entrust to designation attestation orgnaization. Allow why to be sold on our country market (include try out and give freely) toy, must strict comply with " standard of technology of national toy security " the requirement has design, production, detect, wrap mount mark to appropriate service instruction, caution explains in toy or toy. Want to make sure the toy is safe, only the effort of toy production business, distributors, superintendency branch is insufficient, every parent must learn toy safety common sense, choosing toy, guidance and supervise child play toy, deposit respect of toy, clean toy to become toy safety expert.

   Common toy safety problem

1, the toy of certain and specific figure and dimension (wait like spherule, Mao Qiu) , the small part after the toy disassembles and toy are in unreasonable the component that when using, falls off, if bulk size is too small, be swallowed easily by the child or inspiratory.

2, some toys are contained sharp edge, keen most advanced or prominence, cause the child easily by cut, scratch, stab etc.

3, toy and the rope that the toy wraps mount and stretch rope have cause twine, the likelihood of curb child, want to notice when play. For instance the fitness on the pensile toy on child bed or game crawl, child bed kind the rope on child toy is mixed under 18 toy, months the rope on bag of the stringy line of toy of stretch rope, flight, toy.

4, did not aerate or cracked balloon, the possibility produces choking risk to 8 years old of the following children, need to guard next use in the adult, be far from the balloon that did not aerate children, cracked balloon should discard instantly.
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