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Does the toy have without 3C? Buy those who sell is undeserved return a responsi
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Will rise on June 1 from last year, look the mark that do not have 3C makes the way with choice qualification the directest toy, but the reporter discovers in interview --

Will rise on June 1 last year, 6 kinds of toys such as our country baby carrier are included mandatory product certification catalog, every does not add the label that stick 3C uniform do not reach the factory is sold. Nowadays, the sale status of these toys how? 7 days, the reporter visits discovery at this point, the toy that provincial capital still has many labels that do not have 3C is selling.

7 days midday, in provincial capital some bazaar, when the toy of nephew choose and buy that expresses to want to be less than two years old when the reporter, one merchant recommends car of a remote control to the utmost. This toy marks without 3C not only, still stick have " suit above children 3 years old " label. To this, merchant says, "That is a decoration only. " subsequently, the reporter visits the toyshop of office much home such as emancipatory road, the toy that all discovers the label that do not have 3C is selling. Although do not have 3C label, but the sale that a bit does not affect a toy and price. Belfry street inside some doll inn, two clients are picking the doll baby that price controls 300 yuan, claim to have it is not important to do not have 3C, the dress that wants doll only and characteristic are good OK. Other client also expresses, whether does when buying, very few attention have 3C label, label of not clear also 3C has what effect after all, it is good that many people think toy quality is certain, should not have a problem.

To this, city pledges inspect bureau chief warns a citizen, without the toy that 3C marks, put probably in quality, safe problem, hope everybody do not be bought. Additional, if consumer discovers the toy that the businessman sells marks without 3C, can dial 12365 or 96315 complain.

Zhang Wei of our newspaper reporter

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