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The sales promotion that do not have card has card high price, attestation expen
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Since June 1, 6 kinds of toys such as the baby carrier that did not acquire 3C attestation are faced with " be restricted greatly " . Recently, the reporter is in Beijing discovery of market of a few toys, the toy that does not have 3C attestation still be in the majority, and according to " Yang Cheng evening paper " report, guangdong toy manufacturer has 9 to become now did not obtain attestation. As be restricted to draw near greatly, the toy is not 3C that sells on the market is being hit wildly fold, had obtained the children toy of 3C attestation, its high price makes consumer flinchs. Because of,toy manufacturer speaks its Central Plains, average the indicates about 3C cost that every dynamoelectric toy requires to hand in amounts to 6000 yuan, this lets a lot of manufacturer be unable to stand that make treatment exit.

The security for toy of safeguard our country and reduce exit toy to be in abroad suffocate suffocate, total bureau of national qualitative check, country adopts inspect appoint regulation, since June 1, 2007, the product of 6 kinds of toys such as toy of baby carrier, report, plastic toy was not obtained mandatory product certification certificate (3C certificate) and did not add apply China mandatory attestation indicates (3C indicates) , uniform must not give factory, sale, entrance to perhaps be used in other management activity.

However, the reporter is exhibited in the Beijing international toy that just concludes on, look for the toy item on display that sticks mark having 3C hard however. To this, china examines Li Chao manager tells ministry of product certification of limited company of attestation group certificate of quality the reporter, 3C attestation " be restricted greatly " shortly, one fraction manufacturer to escape attestation, the choice is in " be restricted greatly " before more renown, the purpose escapes attestation. But no matter make what kind of name, at present besides slide kind outside baby carrier, all baby carrier kind toy product needs to undertake 3C attestation.

Subsequently, the reporter visits Beijing part toy to sell inn and large supermarket, hair is existing quite quantitative product does not have 3C attestation. Before, the toy shop of bazaar is placed have " do not enter market activity " annunciate, but these days the assistant discloses, him company has sales promotion activity. For instance, some bazaar toy " completely 400 decrease 130 " , goods shelves of toy of supermarket wool cloth with soft nap is stuck have " sales promotion " model of written characters. Although the assistant will depreciate,the explanation is the sales promotion before the section, but they admit at the same time, the toy manufacturer that already stuck mark having 3C did not mention the sales promotion before the section basically. "Since May, we adopt what go out to be not entered only to answer measure to having 3C attestation toy. " disclose according to the personage inside course of study, the best way that reduces inventory depreciates namely. After depreciating, toy sale increases apparently. Make a variety of products be hit even 6 fold. To 6 kinds of toys that did not obtain 3C attestation cannot be being sold again since June 1, the staff member tells a reporter, they have to know this news early, but concerned branch have not announcement of official outgoing message. Current, firm purchase department is talking things over with manufacturer return money or exchange goods matters concerned.
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