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Carat Ma depends on city nearly 9 stick into the toy have " 3C " mark
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On May 30, carat Ma depends on an area industrial and commercial bureau executes the law personnel is being checked in inn of a high-quality goods

Will come 30 days on May 26, of 6 kinds of toys such as the baby carrier that the 4 big supermarkets that city pledges prison system checked carat Ma to depend on an area in all and a juvenile products specialize in inn to sell " 3C " the mark tags a circumstance.

It is reported, since March 1, 2006, total bureau of national qualitative check, country adopts inspect appoint product of 6 kinds of toys carries out toy, eject toy, metal toy, plastic to baby carrier, report toy, baby toy " 3C " attestation. Since January 1, 2008, the toy product that every includes list was not obtained mandatory product certification certificate, did not tag mandatory product certification indicates, do not get a sale.

Bureau of city qualitative inspect is metric Li Xianhua of division section chief says: Begin from 2006, bureau of city qualitative inspect was increased mandatory to product of 6 kinds of toys the propagandist strength of certification system, 2007 " 61 " during, 90 % above does not have product of 6 kinds of toys " 3C " mark.

As we have learned, bureau of city qualitative inspect will continue to be opposite other inn of distribute of young toy of each area and urban district undertakes checking, if discover a sale without mandatory attestation and without " 3C " the behavior of mark toy, qualitative inspect bureau leaves requirement agency cabinet instantly, and according to " attestation of People's Republic of China approves ordinance " etc undertake handling.

Li Xianhua warns broad parent, when be toy of child choose and buy, must look clear to whether be stuck have " 3C " mark, the factory name that notices manufacturer home, the site of factory, phone and after service assure content to wait tag whether all ready standard, not of up to specification had better not buy.   

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3C attestation, namely " Chinese compulsive attestation " . English name is " China Compulsory Certification " , abbreviate is CCC. 3C attestation mark is national attestation recognizes basis of supervisory management committee " mandatory product certification management sets " those who make.

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