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E Zhou can be at ease in product of car of carry out remote control buy
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As " 61 " the drawing near of the Children's Festival, bureau of qualitative prison of state of another name for Hubei province cooperates with courtyard of product quality supervision and inspection of information of Hubei province electron is right quality of product of car of remote control of market of toy of city of another name for Hubei province is special supervisory examination, inspect large market 6, inspect goods 30 batch, percent of pass is 100% .

The near future, supervisory bureau of technology of quality of city of another name for Hubei province is begun " outstanding toy is safe, service health, happy childhood " the special inspection activity that gives priority to a problem, supermarket, toy special inspection regards the safety of children toy quality of point of sales of toy of periphery of wholesale shop, campus as the key, undertake checking to including the children toy of 3C management the product. The examination shows as a result, the toy that wholesale shop sells toy of management inn of supermarket, large market, major is overall the case is good; The partial children toy that campus periphery sells does not have mark of Chinese label, caution, 3C mark, among them a lot of dynamoelectric children toys and plastic toy outer packing link factory name the site of factory is done not have, the functional sex toy of pointed account other people and blade account other people explains without caution, do not accord with GB5296.5-1996 of national mandatory standard " service instruction of toy of consumer service instruction " regulation.

Examine the issue of discovery in the light of this, bureau of city qualitative inspect executes the law the toy that personnel asks the businessman nots agree with the label on the spot removes next bar undertake amendatory, continue to increase the superintendency strength of pair of children toys, cogent the health that maintains children is safe. In the meantime, qualitative inspect branch warns broad customer: In the choose and buy accurate China must admit when afore-mentioned children toys mandatory attestation mark, in order to assure the safety of children and health, every includes mandatory the toy product inside product certification catalog, did not obtain mandatory product certification certificate and did not add apply China mandatory attestation indicates, must not go out factory, sale, entrance or use in other management activity.

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