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Disappear assist clew: Be careful bright-coloured toy " poisonous "
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29 days, shenyang city disappear assist released " 61 " the Children's Festival consumes clew: Warn parents buying childen's garments, toy, children food or when accompanying child play, be careful all sorts of consumption trap and safe hidden trouble.

There is designation to be A, B, C3 on common children clothing the label of the category, a had better choose when buying kind textile.

Do not buy product label content as far as possible not complete or handwriting the not clear, children clothing that has alter appearance. Do not buy did not indicate " infant things " model of written characters and did not achieve the infant dress that accords with category of safe technology requirement.

If buy when scent has any a kind infants in flavour of mildew flavour, oil flavour, benzine flavour, kerosene flavour, fishlike smell, balmy hydrocarbon gas dress, do not buy; discretion have plastic kind, metal kind, the children clothing; of the overmuch ornamental such as wood buys children clothing to must consider the potential choke a place of strategic importance that concerns with small ornamental and asphyxial and dangerous; want to notice to choose color, choose the light color, dry goods that does not have printing or little printing as far as possible.

Some cloth art formaldehyde part is contained in the material of the toy, children contacts this kind of toy to cause color of toy of; of respiratory tract disease easily heavy metal exceeds too bright-coloured likelihood mark, because some children like to be gnawed with the mouth,play, criterion the dye of toy surface causes children easily a few toys of; of chronic lead poisoning edge is too sharp, give children easily to cause harm, or itself has violent tendency, go against; of health of children body and mind component of a few toys is easy fall off. Desquamation small part causes children extremely likely to be fed by accident, incidental choking danger. "QS " the mark that is admittance of attestation of food quality safety, market, had wrapped mount to use in a lot of food at present. (Reporter Sun Zhe)

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