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Toy 3C attestation has " your " difficult travel (the industry is analysed)
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Children toy conceals hidden danger

According to statistic, annual our country because toy safety or use undeserved the accident that causes children harm to die even is amounted to more than 1000 cases. More two groups of authoritative data show: It is our country has 160 thousand every year about 0 harm at the accident to death to 14 years old of children, because accident harm causes damage,have 640 thousand children. Among them, hold total occurence rate because of what the juvenile products such as the toy causes 30% the left and right sides; 2 it is the concerned branch investigation discovery to toy market, in the big market of big city, the toy product that still has 25% above is unqualified, most parents are safe to the toy recognizant weakness, often oversight the possibility that the toy has a harm to the child, the safety that the toy never considers when they are buying a toy guarantees an issue.

What the toy became children undoubtedly is invisible " killer " , relevant section takes this seriously very much. Total bureau of national qualitative prison, country adopts inspect appoint ever published relevant file regulation, toy of baby carrier, report, eject toy, baby toy, plastic toy, metal toy must add apply " 3C " attestation mark ability appears on the market sale, undertake compulsive attestation formally to children toy. Accord with to cannot be being produced mandatory the enterprise of product certification product, cancel its certificate.

But until at present, there still are many children toys to indicate without 3C on the market.

  The businessman objects

To toy of children of 3C attestation mark is not being had on the market at present " ban and more than " problem, the country adopts inspect appoint, center of Chinese certificate of quality expresses, "Current and all did not obtain mandatory product certification certificate and did not add apply China mandatory the toy of 6 kinds of big children that attestation indicates, all do not reach factory, sale, entrance or use in other management activity. " but because in principle is qualitative inspect bureau,run a company, industrial and commercial bureau provides the market, two branches need to be handled in coordination, still do not perfect relatively to the management of attestation of children toy 3C at present so. Big city still has calculated, if touch,go up small town, the superintendency of this respect is almost 0, children toy consumes the lot that leans consumer completely.

   The parent lacks professional knowledge

On one hand, function branch weighs a fist to govern children toy market up and down from the standard; On the other hand, consumer is right this however none know the inside story perhaps is not clear about its interests, think dispensable, go up in certain level thereby indulgent the businessman is sold unqualified or the product that do not have mark. The personage inside course of study thinks, above all the relevant knowledge that each consumer should understand 3C attestation, education differentiates the capability of stand or fall. But, mother baby consumption is belonged to professional consumption, let each person impossibly have the knowledge of this respect, as the distributors of current domain, should be in charge of for consumer more, put an end to a sale to be the product of classics 3C attestation from fountainhead, is not to let him consumer differentiate.
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