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Jinan will be severe check unqualified toy
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Times on May 21 dispatch (Zhang Jianhua of Liu Naichao of reporter Li Shaoqing's reporter) will rise on June 1 from this year, every includes mandatory product certification (attestation of 3C of CCC attestation abbreviation) the toy product inside catalog, did not obtain mandatory product certification certificate and did not add stick China mandatory attestation indicates, do not get a sale. The reporter understands today, the our city pledges inspect branch will rise from next month, to bazaar, supermarket and toyshop medium toy spreads out execute the law examination.

This morning, boss of a toyshop tells hill the highroad the reporter, when he organizes supply of goods now, ask to just offer the toy that passes 3C attestation for goods, if which kinds of toy does not have course 3C attestation, he is not dare of replenish onr's stock.

The reporter understands, the our city pledges inspect branch will rise from June 1, begin attestation of toy product 3C to execute the law in the round inside whole town limits examination, the manufacturer that violate act to still existing and did not correct will undertake severity is punished.

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