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Gravity investigates toy of the mark that do not have 3C still (graph)
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Report from our correspondent (Dai Jian's reporter holds the post of Ming Yongwen / graph) yesterday, whether the reporter has a country to set with respect to the toy on continous open market " CCC " the mark undertook investigating interviewing. Will rise on June 1 from last year, the product of 6 kinds of toys such as baby and baby carrier, dynamoelectric toy, plastic toy, eject toy, metal toy must be mixed in outer packing tag on the product " CCC " mark, the product that did not indicate so must not enter the market to sell.

   Phenomenon: Brand shop good Yu Xiaoshang tastes the market

That day morning, in a few big supermarkets and discovery of brand shop reporter, the mark of major toy is all ready, have on outer packing and product " CCC " mark, one salesperson says: "The country made provision of proclaimed in writing last year, forbid to sell without such mark, this matters to the child's safety. " two parents that selecting a toy for the child also say, they are to go to normal brand shop to buy commonly, admit accurate " CCC " mark.

And in market of a few small commodities, the toy that partial toy stall sells produces the basic message such as manufacturer, producing area to be done not have repeatedly, more do not say 3C indicates. When the reporter the inquiry spreads out advocate when the toy that has 3C attestation, booth advocate saying what to to know is 3C attestation. The customer that buys a toy to these inn also does not understand the 3C attestation of the toy, want enough petty gain to be bought only.

Harm: Quality is become without safeguard " killer "

Introduce according to trade public figure, emissive force of toy pistol bullet is too powerful, shoot the child's body easily, especially eye; The small part on the toy may fall off at any time, be eaten to be caused into the mouth by children asphyxial; The brim of toy of weak iron sheet does not coil edge, as sharp the crucial point, likelihood the skin of cut children. These quality do not have the harm that the toy of safeguard causes likely to children.

According to quality supervisory branch concerns personage introduction, the material that makes a toy at present is lead more colophony of qualitative, pvc coating of plastic, paint. If these material absorb human body inside, can cause acute or chronic and toxic. When children is playing these toys, direct or plumbic element is indirect absorb body inside, can cause chronic lead poisoning. Occupy introduction of doctor of children health care additionally, often wait for a contact with the child's hand, mouth or ground as a result of the toy, be infected with very easily on all sorts of bacteria, virus and helminth egg, these bacteria and the hand that bug egg passes children and oral cavity are entered the disease is caught inside body.
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