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Still sell without 3C attestation toy
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The reporter returns discovery when covering toy market, a few toys that do not have 3C attestation still are in sale. And the provision that concerns a section according to the country, rose January 1 from this year, 6 kinds of products such as baby carrier, dynamoelectric toy, eject toy, baby toy, plastic toy, metal toy, without " 3C attestation " must not sell.

In a terminal market, the reporter sees, many electric cars, move free toy to wait to was not stuck " 3C attestation " mark.

Toy agency: "Is the price that there is 3C attestation now a few higher? Tall, it is tall. Tall how many? Some 5, some going up 10 come piece. Some going up 10 come piece..

These did not pass the toy of 3C attestation, pack simple and easy, charge for the making of sth. coarse do not say, some circumjacent edges and corners also do not have processing, feel very sharp still. In interviewing, many booth advocate say, the person that comes here to buy a toy pays attention to the price quite, the toy with qualitative actor high price is here and bad to sell.

The parent: "How does quality say, the child is used, a few days fall rotted "

Also many parents say, come here the form that just treats a toy, not regular meeting is bought here. They also know this regulation of the country, when buying a toy to the child at ordinary times, can notice product outer packing go up commonly " 3C attestation " mark, price expensive drop is irrespective, safe health is the most important.

The parent: "General and a bit safer, or such better "

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