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Although attestation applies the toy that do not have 3C still runs amuck capita
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As standard of attestation of toy of 8 the beginning of the year apply, the safe problem of the toy is mentioned program comes up. However, the reporter understands in visit, although 3C attestation is carried out already formally, but most consumer does not have clear understanding to this attestation, be in especially a lot of small commodities markets, the toy that does not have 3C attestation still " infestation " .

Not witting identify inspect according to the country appoint announcement, since January 1, 2008, the toy product of 6 kinds of attestation do not have 3C such as toy of baby carrier, dynamoelectric toy, eject toy, baby toy, plastic toy, metal must not be sold.

Friendly in Beijing, 100 fill wait for the large supermarket such as bazaar and domestic Le Fu, Woerma, the reporter sees, put the toy on goods shelves to all had passed 3C attestation. A salesperson expresses to the reporter, "Be in early 61 ' of ' before the Children's Festival, the supermarket has begun to check the 3C attestation proof of toy supplier, the toy that does not have relevant proof is removed already frame. "Reporter conveniently takes to be being examined carefully in the remote control aircraft of sales promotion, packing the bottom of the box, find an elliptic "CCC" black to indicate really. In baby carrier area, the baby carrier of different pattern also affixes smooth "3C" to prevent bogus label in frame place.

And market of state division small commodities is opened in Beijing, the reporter sees, still become a lot of toyshop without the toy that 3C attestation indicates advocate dozen. Ask the toy sells a level, the controller of a lot of toyshop expresses, the concept to 3C attestation is not very clear. Have more very person, what connecting unexpectedly is 3C attestation does not know. With great difficulty finds a chief of clear attestation standard, she tells a reporter, the toy value of 3C attestation is overt prep above is other toy, and a lot of parents basically see the child whether like when picking a toy, wanting quality only is not very poor, it is not important to whether pass 3C attestation. Accordingly, the toy that she manages, great majority did not pass 3C attestation.

The reporter saw the value carefully the cheap, toy that did not pass attestation, discover many problems- - pack simple and easy, charge for the making of sth. is coarse, some feeling go up still have sharp edge, the component of a few toys falls off very easily etc.

Rise dot of double much " loves the new and loathe the old mostly, so the toy can change constantly, the toy of attestation having 3C is so expensive, how be canned afford! "Mr Zhou that picking a toy to the child says to the reporter. And another Mr Wang that likes dynamoelectric toy and model expresses, oneself do not know what is 3C attestation, buy a toy to see individual be fond of and value completely.

A boss of old management toyshop tells a reporter, to make the toy passes 3C attestation, before last year October, a lot of toys of home are big the brand asks all toys on its market return a factory in succession, after waiting for a toy to carry market of 3C attestation return, the price of the toy all rises 10%-20% .
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