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Attestation of 3C of market of Sichuan heart in relief toy is encountered cold
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The basis sets related the country, since January 1, 2008, did not obtain 3C attestation (China is mandatory product certification) metallic toy, PlasticToy, BabyBaby carrier and toy, report toy, eject toy cannot be sold in the market. But visit market of toy of part of De Yang urban district to discover, the toy that indicates without 3C still has many.

The division is sold in some bazaar toy, the great majority on goods shelvesPlastic toyStick mark having 3C, but notice slightly, still discovered a few " the fish of escape unpunished " : The rag baby that a box holds, a kindPackElegant plastic tank. And in other a few bigSupermarketIn, also discovered the toy that indicates without 3C.

Bazaar and big supermarket are such, the toyshop of street ten-cent store, small supermarket with respect to prep let alone. Set in the toy small shop on the side of the school in, saw a few kinds casually plastic with eject toy, actually neither one has 3C to indicate, include the child to like to play among them "Aoteman" , " armour small treasure " , " super aerospace gun " , " green chariot " wait. And in another toy small shop, those who discover a few value that put on bar do not poor is plasticCarAlso neither one sticks mark having 3C, merchant explanation says: "I also do not know, likelihood these are manufacturer produce before, quality is no problem for certain. Quality is no problem for certain..

The toy that indicates without 3C on the market is packed mostly pallet, the price is low. But likelihood because its price is low, these toy instead are very popular, a few parents bought this kind of price to the child beside the toy of a few money. Merchant of a toyshop also says, 15 yuan of the following toys sell weller, and in the sells weller toy that says in him, a few kinds do not have 3C mark.

The quality awareness that sells the home is thin, Buy the homequality awareness also makes a person anxious. In the citizen that interviews randomly, did not know 3C attestation sets almost. A lady bought a plastic Aoteman that does not have 3C attestation to the child, she says: "Dot is troubled by should, buy to fool fooling him is, who can notice what to have ' 3C ' . " many citizens calm says, buy a toy to the child at ordinary times, consideration more it is price element, quality respect considers rarely.

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