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Nearly two hurt children easily into the toy
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Percent of pass of sample of toy of 120 groups of children 87.5% ; The parent answers the toy that the choose and buy has safety to warn a mark

Report from our correspondent (reporter Liao Ailing) yesterday, the country is industrial and commercial total bureau announces children toy quality to monitor, become much children toy unqualified, have a problem besides product itself quality outside, not complete or more toy marks are essential indicate without caution.

Via detecting, the monitoring percent of pass of sample of toy of 120 groups of children is 87.5% . A few toys are discovered its are small the spare parts is pulled down easily with hand or mouth by children, harm is caused in entering the mouth by accident, the protection of most advanced prominence easy fall off.

Most toy all is put in mark and service instruction not to accord with the problem such as the standard, do not have the toy with mark content or not complete mark, can produce misdirect effect to consumer, the use that affects children thereby is safe.

Industrial and commercial total bureau warns the parent at the same time, should observe when be toy of child choose and buy toy surface has whether be able to bear or endure without sharp edge, quality of a material collision; The nap that checks toy of dynamoelectric toy leakage of electricity, plush is stickup and firm, the spare parts tears open the circumstance such as outfit easily; Return so that see a toy whether have safety to warn a mark additionally, notice the applicable age limits of the toy.

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